Attending events in Newtown: Do not be intimidated by 'car guards'

If you are attending a major event in Newtown be alert - The Newtown Management District warns visitors not to be intimidated by entrepreneurial 'car guards' who poach patrons from designated parking areas. These 'car guards' demand a fee of R50 or more because, according to the 'car guard', there is no more parking available anywhere else. Ignore these 'car guards' and proceed to Newtown designated parking at Market Theatre, 1 Central Place, Mary Fitzgerald Square, the Bassline or Sci-Bono.(refer to map)

Bassline and The Dance Factory

The Bassline parking is situated at 10 Henry Nxumalo Street, Newtown Music Centre. This open air parking offers access to Bassline and The Dance Factory. It is advisable to make use of the underground parking at No 1 Central Place. The entrance to this parking is also situated on Henry Nxumalo Street.


Bus Factory

The Bus factory is on the corner of Henry Nxumalo and President Street with the entrance in President Street. The Craft Council Shop and Artist Proof Studio are located inside the Bus factory and The Market Photo Workshop uses this parking too. The JDA head office is also located at the Bus Factory, No 3 President Street.


Carfax and The Woods

Carfax and The Woods are all in very close proximity to each other.All these venues utilise the same parking areas.

Market Theatre

The Market Theatre parking is situated on Miriam Makeba street. This parking area provides access to a number of venues; The Market Theatre, Museum Africa and Niki's Oasis.

Mary Fitzgerald Square

Mary Fitzgerald Square offers central open air parking for Museum African and the Market Theatre precinct which includes the Market Theatre, and Niki's Oasis. It also offers access to No 1 Central Place which includes, Kaldi's Coffee and Sophiatown Bar lounge. The path around Newtown Park leads to Bassline and The Dance Factory, so parking here will require a bit of a walk but it is direct.


No 1 Central Place

This is an underground, pay parking area with 350 parking bays. The lifts come out at the foyer of No 1 Central Place. Kaldi's Coffee, Sophiatown Bar lounge and Ko'Spotong are situated here. From No 1 Central place you have access to Mary Fitzgerald Square and Museum Africa just beyond that. There is also a path that runs along Newtown Park that links No 1 Central Place to Bassline and The Dance Factory.

Sci-Bono Discovery Centre

The public parking area at the top of Newtown Park just off Miriam Makeba is associated with the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre. This parking area also offers access to the Newtown Park itself, and The Workers Museum. Venues such as Moving into Dance, The Dance Factory and Bassline are a pleasant stroll away on the other side of the park. SAB World of Beer is opposite the park on the other side of Miriam Makeba Street.

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